We Help Operations Managers to Conceive and Implement
Industrial Visions Based on the Lean Manufacturing Culture

Are you looking for Lean Trainers?

Even if You don’t completely trust consulting companies you must find lean trainers that help your people to acquire the skills that Operational Excellence and Lean Manufacturing requires.

We know this...because before becoming consultants we have been managers and maybe in your exact position.

When you need to Implement Operational Excellence you know you can't do it by yourself.

Otherwise, your company should have already done it.

So the real matter is: where can I find the right lean trainers and consultants that:

  • Really want to help our company to become independent?
  • Can train our people in the countries where we have the plants and in the local native language.
  • Are able to build together with us all the teaching supports we need for our collaborators.
  • Have a proven path to implement successfully Operational Excellence bathed in the Lean Manufacturing Culture.

To give you, the possibility to choose with the minimum risk, the lean trainers that will help you in your project, we created the:

Kaizen Coach Professionals Network

Founded by an international team of experienced professionals in the field of Lean Manufacturing the KCPN is a worldwide network of consultants specialized in the implementation of Operational Excellence Projects.

Our consultants have worked and still work with some of the biggest companies in different industrial sectors. Here below you can see some of the companies' logos.

danone logo
Valeo Logo
societe generale
general electric logo
Logo Mondelez
wolkswagen logo
dll logo
agv logo
unilever logo
audi logo
la poste logo
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markenlogo hochland
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Today, because companies want to customize more and more Operational Excellence implementation accordingly with their company culture, they are asking to exit the old model of hiring a unique consulting company.

Companies want to choose: the best resources, the best methodologies, and the best available paths on the "Knowledge Market".

If you are a company that wants to explore the power to collaborate with a large network of consultants, you can:

  • Apply to register your company in the KCPN database and platform.
  • Fill in the information requested in the company's area.
  • Start to browse the KCPN lean trainers and consultants database.
  • Ask to participate in a deeper screening of your most suitable candidates.

We guarantee that your data will never:

  • Used for other purposes than to participate in the KCPN
  • Sold to third parties for commercials goals
  • Presented to other clients or prospects.

We guarantee also that your personal and company's identity will be kept secreted as long as you will authorize it.

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